Anderson Springs! 2019 League Champions!

Congratulations to  Anderson Springs, who were the winners of the final playoff match and champions of the first Middletown Bocce Ball League season.  I would like to thank all of the members who played this Fall Season. The turnout for the championship was disappointing, but fun nonetheless. Maybe next year, we can make it more of a party. 

A certificate of merit was given to Anderson Springs for first place. A Certificate of gratitude was presented to Craig Eve for all his efforts in building the courts, contributing wood, and securing help and assistance from many contributors. A similar certificate was presented to Aaron York and the Jesus Christ Fellowship Church for allowing MBBL to build the courts on their property and their help in improving the site.

I hope you all had a good time playing bocce ball this fall and enjoyed the comradery and fellowship of the many great people who joined in the fun. I know I speak for the Board when I say I personally enjoyed meeting and playing bocce ball with so many of you. It was very satisfying to witness so many friendly, enthusiastic, and energetic folks from all over Lake County coming together. 

The Board of Directors and I would like to thank all of those who donated money, equipment, and labor to help build the courts. Many thanks to Mike Bell, Terry March, Jack Reece, Stan our neighbor who let us use his water, Hale Logging and Grading for grading, tree clearing, and dirt-moving, Smith Construction for supplying gravel, and Baine Trucking for dirt, gravel, and granite deliveries.  I know I did not include all of you that pitched in, and I apologize for that, but I know you did not help for recognition but with a sincere desire to help make MBBL a reality.  

We also had several people who supplied material and made cash contributions including Hardester’s, Mike Bell, Margaret Greenley, owner of Lovies Gardens, and Susan Laymon and the ladies of Lakeside Arts. Please support these folks, and give them your personal thanks.  

Thanks also to those generous folks that brought and shared food for all, not to mention the libations. 

We now turn our attention to next year and the start of the Spring Season. We hope we can make playing MBBL bocce ball more fun and enjoyable next year with improvements to the courts and surrounding areas. Listed below are the planned projects, in no particular order, that we would like to complete by April 2020 when we start the 2020 Spring Season.

1. Improve the courts’ playing surfaces.

2. Finish and improve the wood borders all around the courts.

3. Provide picnic tables

4. Provide adequate lighting for late evening play.

5. Provide water from the church, instead of from one of our generous neighbors.

6. Continue to improve the ground and walking path around the courts. 

To make this happen we will need to raise some money, and we do have some fundraisers planned that we hope will be fun and raise the needed funds. More on that soon. We would like to hear from you with any ideas along these lines, and the more the better. Maybe some of you have helped in fundraisers from other organizations and can offer some good suggestions. Please contact any of the Board members, Craig Eve, Bill Thacher, Allan Abbott, or me directly at richcount@rockentmail.comor by clicking on “Contact” at the top of our Web site:


Richard Koury

President MBBL 

Sign up now for 2020 league play!  NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!  Watch for information on discounts for signing up early.

To sign up as a team CLICK HERE.

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Important Information:


Memberships and Teams

Bocce Rules and Regulations

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Review the "About Bocce Ball" section below for some good "How To" videos. 


10/8/19: SIGN UP EARLY FOR THE 2020 SEASON.  Get a discount on your fees! Stand by for more information.


Both courts are playable and the first games start on Tuesday 8/13!

Check at the bottom of this page to see your schedule.

8/6/19: TRAINING: There will be a training session on Tuesday evening 8/6/19 at 6:30 PM. Come to the courts and enjoy a presentation of the rules and strategies of bocce ball.  

7/25/19 :CONSTRUCTION: 7:00 to 10:00 A.M. Thursday August 1.  We need help to complete our second court. Bring your work clothes and gloves!

7/25/19: TRAINING: Tuesday July 30th 6:30 P.M.

7/19/19: FIRST COURT PLAYABLE! League play will start on either August 14th or 15th. Although still requiring some finish to the trim, the first court is playable. Watch your email for information on organizational meetings.

4/26/19: CONSTRUCTION STARTED! A wet spring has set us back a couple of months. We will continue to keep you posted on our progress. Want to help with construction? Contact one of us and will will contact you about our next work session.

GALLERY: Click Here to see pictures of recent activity.  

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These are your neighbors who have donated time and money to help us build the facilities for your league.

Hardesters Markets

Baine Trucking

Hale Logging

Smith Construction

Lovie’s Garden

Mike Bell

Terry March

Jack Reece

Bill Laymon

Stan Weerks

Aaron York

About Bocce Ball


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Bocce Ball can be played by anyone - a couch potato. an athlete or handicapped!

How to Play

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A Wikihow description of the game.

YouTube video - 2 minutes ( A quick description of the game.)

YouTube video - 11 minutes


Other Clubs

Here are links to several active, successful local Bocce Ball clubs:

1. Martinez (largest in the U.S.)

2. City of St. Helena.

3. Sonoma County.

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