Bocce Ball in Middletown

Bocce Ball in Middletown

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NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Review the FAQ here. and review the "About Bocce Ball" section below for some good "How To" videos.

  1. Read the explanation of MEMBERSHIPS AND TEAMS.
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  3. Each team member or individual must sign a RELEASE OF LIABILITY.

Annual Membership 

(Covers both Spring and Fall)

Unaffiliated Individual: $40

4 person team: $160

6 person team: $210

8 person team: $240


2/14/19: Team signups are available. The first teams are being formed and we estimate that we have 6 teams already. Construction is planned for March when the ground dries a bit.

11/28/18: We have signed a lease for approximately 1/4 acre behind the church at 21443 Pine Street, Middletown. This is a location (next to Calpine) that has plenty of paved parking and the potential for 4 courts.

Support Our Sponsors

These are your neighbors that have committed to donating to help us build the facilities for your league.

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Construction (Check back here for updates.) 

We plan to start construction in March and be completed in time for Spring League play.


Spring League Play

Check back here - The official match pairings, dates and times will be announced here. This will be the official location for match schedules,

League play results

This is the official location for match results and standings. 

CLICK HERE  to view the current roster.

CLICK HERE to view the current league standings.

About Bocce Ball

Our location at 21443 Pine Street in Middletown.

Social Sport


Bocce Ball can be played by anyone - a couch potato. an athlete or handicapped!

How to Play

Here a couple of links:

A Wikihow description of the game.

YouTube video - 2 minutes

YouTube video - 11 minutes


Other Clubs

Here are links to several active, successful local Bocce Ball clubs:

1. Martinez (largest in the U.S.)

2. City of St. Helena.

3. Sonoma County.

Form a team to participate in Middletown Bocce

We are working on construction and should be ready for league play this spring.

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Middletown Bocce Ball League

Board of Directors President: Rich Koury Craig Eve: (707) 355-0997 Allan Abbott Bill Thacher