Individual (stand by) sign up

Individuals who are not affiliated with a team are "Stand By" players.

"Stand By"  players are two categories". You may select to be a member of one or both.


  • Available to substitute on teams that are short a player for a match.
  • May join an existing team that wishes to add players. If you wish to become a member of a team, check the  ROSTER  file, which will indicate which teams are looking for more players. 

There is no fee to sign up as a "Stand By" player, however if you join a team you will have to work out  with the existing members any additional fees that were incurred by adding you to the team.


1. Read the explanation of MEMBERSHIPS AND TEAMS.

2. Fill out the  MEMBERSHIP SIGN-UP.  indicating your status as a "Stand By".


4. Recommended Reading: 


Bocce Rules and Regulations

Rules of Conduct

Team Capo Responsibilities

Mail your completed forms to Middletown Bocce Ball League at P.O. Box 1753, Middletown, CA 95461.

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